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Parque Centro Housing Master Plan

Saltillo, Coahuila



Site Area:

14.5 acres

Development Program:

1,059,886 sf


Urban Design and Master Planning


Maria Elosua, Jaime Ortiz, Ximena Escalante


Soon after developing the master plan for the entire site (with emphasis in the first development phase for commercial uses) ARISTA had the opportunity to work on detailing the master plan proposal for phase two for multi-family housing buildings.

The main objective of phase two is to create a high-quality urban environment to house apartment buildings within a planned community. The master plan is structured around a grand central park covering 1.5 acres conceived as a collective amenity for the community inhabitants. The master plan proposes different housing typologies including townhouses, mid-rise apartment buildings (6 to 8 stories) and high-rise units in two towers at the project's center.

The new housing units are complemented by the mixed-uses already developed in the first phase creating a complete community, designed prioritizing walking and life in the public open spaces. Delivering a smart development model without precedent in the city of Saltillo.


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