ARISTA is a multidisciplinary design firm committed to the transformation of cities to enhance the lives of their inhabitants.

Our work takes place at the intersection of urbanism, landscaping, and architecture, with the commitment to contribute urban environments that inspire with human-centered spaces to live, enjoy, learn, socialize, and work.

We focus on creating value for the city, its citizens, and our clients.

Maria del Carmen Elosua

Jaime Ortiz

Founding Partners

ARISTA is led by Maria del Carmen Elosua and Jaime Ortiz, who share an interest in transforming cities and seek to positively influence the urban processes that shape them through their work.

In 2014, inspired by their respective practices as urban planners in government and multidisciplinary firms in the US and Mexico, Maricarmen and Jaime founded ARISTA with the goal of establishing a firm capable of leading highly complex urban projects.


Lulú Pagola

Ximena Escalante

Carolina Gutierrez

Bruno Ramirez

Former Collaborators:

Julia Díaz, Susana Cantú, Brenda Pérez, Natalia Kopeikina, Lys Velázquez, Melissa Villegas, Darío Corral, Lalys Rodríguez, Alejandro Méndez, Carolina Villarreal, Gerardo Perez, Daniel Castillo, Sara Montemayor, Airam Moreno, Gerardo Alemán.

We are interested in creating communities:

  • Well-designed and functional.
  • Where public space is a main actor.
  • In dialogue with their natural surroundings.
  • With solid infrastructure support.
  • Woven through safe and attractive pedestrian environments where children and the elderly can move around without the need for a car.
  • With mass and alternative transportation connecting them to other communities and the rest of the city.
  • Promoting inclusion.

Our clients seek us for our ability to advance complex projects through multidisciplinary strategies:

  • Urban, landscape, architectural, and infrastructure design.
  • Feasibility – legal, political, financial, and physical.
  • Identity and positioning.
  • Planning – short, medium, and long term.