2030 Municipal Urban Development Plan for SPGG

  • Location:

    San Pedro Garza García, N.L

  • Site area:

    17,300 acres

  • Services:

    Urban development public policy

  • Executive direction and general coordination:

    María del Carmen Elosua and Jaime Ortiz
    *Project developed at the IMPLAN SP

The 2030 Municipal Urban Development Plan is the main legal instrument through which urban development is guided in the municipality of San Pedro Garza García, located within the state of Nuevo Leon in the north of Mexico.

The plan’s proposal is structured around four main goals: to protect residential uses, guide the growth of commercial development, propose a new and sustainable vision for mobility, and to guard the natural environment.

The Plan determines a series of special districts to eventually establish detailed regulations that better reflect the identity, needs and specific potential of each area.


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