Los Pastores Development Plan

  • Location:

    Saltillo, Coahuila

  • Client:


  • Site Area:

    254 acres

  • Services:

    Urban Design

  • Arista Team:

    Maria del Carmen Elosua, Jaime Ortiz, Dario Corral, Natalia Kopeikina, Susana Cantu

  • Consultants:

    Dave Leeland, Andrew Strenk

The north east sector of Saltillo houses an important number of territorial reserves for the future development of residential housing and the consolidation of the urban area up to the Oscar Flores Tapia federal highway. The municipality ́s urban development plan already contemplates the uses and alignments of future roads with the Los Pastores boulevard as one of the main arterial roads.

The DAVISA group was able to consolidate a substantial extension of land, well located and fronting on the Los Pastores boulevard. And assigned ARISTA the task of envisioning future development on the site and planning for it. During its analysis ARISTA visualized the lack of an urban subcenter serving this particular district of the city, zoned predominantly for housing, and working closely with the urban development authorities developed a planned unit development plan (also known as a “partial plan”) proposing the urban development regulations for the site.

The plan includes the subcenter designation for the district, sets the guidelines for future development and substitutes the linear model of commercial development along high-speed roads with a subcenter model with mixed uses within a connected street grid. Promoting through these type of strategies a development model no longer focused on cars traveling at high speeds but one that sets the conditions for creating complete walkable communities within a high-quality urban environment.

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