San Pedro De Pinta

  • Location:

    San Pedro Garza García, N.L

  • Site area:

    1.5 miles

  • Services:

    Community development

  • Executive direction and general coordination:

    Maria del Carmen Elosua Project developed at the IMPLAN SP

This program seeks to reclaim public space primarily used for cars to promote sustainable transportation, active mobility, culture and civic interaction. Through this program every sunday, since March 26 2011, the Calzada del Valle street is closed to vehicular traffic and is transformed into a 1.5 miles linear park where people carry out a diverse set of sport and leisure activities.

The proposal and implementation for closing a street for these purposes, which had no precedent within Monterrey’s metropolitan area, was advanced by Maria Elosua, who was directing the IMPLAN at that time, and supported by the municipal government. The street closure immediate success set a strong local precedent that contributed years later to the creation of similar initiatives throughout the metropolitan area.


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