Rivero Gonzalez Vineyards Master Plan

  • Location:

    Parras, Coahuila

  • Client:

    Rivero Gonzalez Family

  • Site area:

    640 acres

  • Services:

    Master plan, Landscape design

  • Master Plan:

    Maria del Carmen Elosua

  • Contributors:

    Harari LA: Landscape Architecture, Malena Maiz: Schematic design

The master plan responds to the client´s need of formalizing and organizing the spatial operation of the site through a long term vision that also reinforces the brand’s identity.

The project organizes a series of existing and future buildings around a series of landscape interventions that take advantage of the vineyards and pecan plantation natural beauty.

The master plan includes an hacienda, park, event space, church, chapel and other complementary uses arranged around the vineyard and the pecan plantation. The master plan seeks to minimize the impact on the natural environment by consolidating pedestrian, vehicular and horses circulation, and proposes creating a network of irrigation channels connecting the streams and lake that also function as landscape elements.


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