Via Cordillera

  • Location:

    Santa Catarina, NL

  • Client:

    Desarrollos Delta

  • Site area:

    11 acres

  • Development Program:

    1.6 million sf

  • Services:

    Executive Master Plan Superblocks 364, 365 & 366

  • Team:

    Maria del Carmen Elosua, Jaime Ortiz, Lys Velázquez

ARISTA was selected to finalize the master plan for the easter section of the Via Cordillera development.

The final master plan achieves substantial housing density within medium-height buildings. It establishes an urban design criteria based on new blocks lined with streetwall buildings and active ground floor uses seeking to create a strong residential character. This block-building configuration generates interior courtyards for the residents above parking garages. Although not all parking is below-ground, all parking is hidden behind commercial or housing street frontages promoting a better relationship between the buildings and the streets.

The master plan proposes a community center at its center connected to the linear park that transverses the site.

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